Pool accessories you should have

There are several advantages to owning a pool. You have a fun place to cool off in the summer, and it can even help you get in some exercise. If you want to get the most out of your pool there are a few accessories you should have.

If you live in a cold climate you will want to invest in antifreeze. Pouring it into the pipes and pump, after the pool is drained, will help prevent any expensive damage from occurring when the temperatures drop below freezing. When the weather warms up using a clarifier will make it easier for you to remove the dirt and debris from the pool that can accumulate during the winter months. Trust me, these two simple accessories can save you a lot of time and money aby helping to keep your pool functioning properly.


There will be times when chlorine and other chemicals are simply not enough to keep the water looking clean and clear. This is usually when it is time for you to use a “shock treatment”. This chemical treatment is not designed to be used regularly since it is extremely harsh, but on occasion it might be necessary in order to get the water crystal clear. You can find shock treatments that come with or without chlorine, and both are usually effective.


Regardless of the amount of trees and other landscaping that might be near your pool, you will need to invest in a skimmer. Resembling a butterfly net, a skimmer is a fast and efficient way to remove floating leaves, bugs and other debris. Best of all a pool skimmer is usually inexpensive, and it is extremely easy to use.

Ladders or steps are other accessories that you should consider, especially if you own an above ground pool. What is probably the most important item to buy is a pool cover. This applies to in and above ground pools. Even when the pool is fully drained it is still important to keep it covered when it is not being used for long periods of time. Not only will this prevent dirt and debris from getting into the pipes and pumps, it can also prevent your pool from becoming a safety hazard. Kids and animals are particularly at risk around uncovered, empty pools. It should also be noted that in some residential communities empty pools are required by law to be covered at all times.


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