Buying some poolside furniture – my advice


Now that you have a pool you need a place where you and your guests can relax. The right poolside furniture can help you create the look that you want, and make your yard an inviting place to relax. Before you rush out and buy some inexpensive plastic chairs and recliners, I have a little advice I’d like to share.


One of the first things that you will want to do is look at the size of your space. Huge, overstuffed chairs do invite you to sink into them, but they will look crowded and out of place on a small patio. The size of the furniture should fit easily into the available space, without making it seem cramped and overcrowded. When it comes to deciding on the style of the furniture that is really up to your personal style, but you might want to consider the type and color of any nearby plantings.

When it comes to the type of materials used to construct the frames, it is important to remember that your poolside furniture will get wet. Steel and iron frames are sturdy, durable, and are harder to accidentally tip over, but these materials do require a little more care and maintenance. This can be especially true for poolside furniture with iron frames since it is only resistant to rust and will need occasional touch-ups to continue to look great. I do recommend staying away from outdoor furniture with wood or wicker frames. Even though these materials have been treated for weather resistance, they are still not really designed to handle the constant water from the pool. My personal favorite material is plastic. There are several colors and styles to choose from, it is extremely durable and easy to keep clean, and best of all you can find plastic poolside furniture at prices designed to fit almost any budget.


Regardless of the type of material you choose for the frames, you will probably want the furniture to have cushions. This will not only help create an area around your pool that reflects your personal style, it also makes the furniture a little more comfortable to relax in. You will want to look for fabrics that are waterproof, resistant to mold, and easy to wipe clean. Fabrics that are coated with PVC are probably your best choice, and it is also what I have on the furniture around my pool.



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