Buying some poolside furniture – my advice


Now that you have a pool you need a place where you and your guests can relax. The right poolside furniture can help you create the look that you want, and make your yard an inviting place to relax. Before you rush out and buy some inexpensive plastic chairs and recliners, I have a little advice I’d like to share.


One of the first things that you will want to do is look at the size of your space. Huge, overstuffed chairs do invite you to sink into them, but they will look crowded and out of place on a small patio. The size of the furniture should fit easily into the available space, without making it seem cramped and overcrowded. When it comes to deciding on the style of the furniture that is really up to your personal style, but you might want to consider the type and color of any nearby plantings.

When it comes to the type of materials used to construct the frames, it is important to remember that your poolside furniture will get wet. Steel and iron frames are sturdy, durable, and are harder to accidentally tip over, but these materials do require a little more care and maintenance. This can be especially true for poolside furniture with iron frames since it is only resistant to rust and will need occasional touch-ups to continue to look great. I do recommend staying away from outdoor furniture with wood or wicker frames. Even though these materials have been treated for weather resistance, they are still not really designed to handle the constant water from the pool. My personal favorite material is plastic. There are several colors and styles to choose from, it is extremely durable and easy to keep clean, and best of all you can find plastic poolside furniture at prices designed to fit almost any budget.


Regardless of the type of material you choose for the frames, you will probably want the furniture to have cushions. This will not only help create an area around your pool that reflects your personal style, it also makes the furniture a little more comfortable to relax in. You will want to look for fabrics that are waterproof, resistant to mold, and easy to wipe clean. Fabrics that are coated with PVC are probably your best choice, and it is also what I have on the furniture around my pool.



Pool accessories you should have

There are several advantages to owning a pool. You have a fun place to cool off in the summer, and it can even help you get in some exercise. If you want to get the most out of your pool there are a few accessories you should have.

If you live in a cold climate you will want to invest in antifreeze. Pouring it into the pipes and pump, after the pool is drained, will help prevent any expensive damage from occurring when the temperatures drop below freezing. When the weather warms up using a clarifier will make it easier for you to remove the dirt and debris from the pool that can accumulate during the winter months. Trust me, these two simple accessories can save you a lot of time and money aby helping to keep your pool functioning properly.


There will be times when chlorine and other chemicals are simply not enough to keep the water looking clean and clear. This is usually when it is time for you to use a “shock treatment”. This chemical treatment is not designed to be used regularly since it is extremely harsh, but on occasion it might be necessary in order to get the water crystal clear. You can find shock treatments that come with or without chlorine, and both are usually effective.


Regardless of the amount of trees and other landscaping that might be near your pool, you will need to invest in a skimmer. Resembling a butterfly net, a skimmer is a fast and efficient way to remove floating leaves, bugs and other debris. Best of all a pool skimmer is usually inexpensive, and it is extremely easy to use.

Ladders or steps are other accessories that you should consider, especially if you own an above ground pool. What is probably the most important item to buy is a pool cover. This applies to in and above ground pools. Even when the pool is fully drained it is still important to keep it covered when it is not being used for long periods of time. Not only will this prevent dirt and debris from getting into the pipes and pumps, it can also prevent your pool from becoming a safety hazard. Kids and animals are particularly at risk around uncovered, empty pools. It should also be noted that in some residential communities empty pools are required by law to be covered at all times.


My tips for cleaning your bathroom


Cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favorite household chores, but over the years I have learned a few tricks. Here are some tips that will make cleaning your bathroom a little faster and easier so you can get back to doing something you actually enjoy. I promise these tips will still ensure all of those nasty germs and lingering bacteria is effectively removed from your bathroom.


  • Remove everything that doesn’t belong.

Take out all of the trash and clothes that seems to accumulate in the bathroom. Once this is done you will already start to see an improvement. If you have any portable storage shelves move those out too so you are ready to clean underneath them.


  • Pour disinfectant or bleach in the toilet bowl.

Pouring your cleaner into the toilet bowl and letting it sit for a few minutes while you tackle something else, while make it easier to remove any unsightly rings. You do want to make sure that you have plenty of ventilation though so you aren’t breathing in potentially toxic fumes.


  • Start dusting.

While the cleaner is soaking you can start dusting, and obviously you want to start at the top and work your way day. Remove any dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and tops of stationary cabinets. Go ahead and just let the dirt and dust fall to the floor, you can sweep it up when you are finished.


  • Start scrubbing.

There are several bathroom cleaners on the market, and everyone has their favorite. You do want the one you choose to have some scrubbing power. This is especially important if you are dealing with rust or lime scale around faucets and in between tile grout. A good scrub brush is also a necessity, especially if you want to finish faster. I also recommend wearing a pair of gloves. Not only is it a little more sanitary, it will help prevent any caustic cleaners from damaging your hands.


  • Cleaning the toilet.

After you’ve finished scrubbing the sink, shower and wiping down the countertops, it is time to go back to the toilet. Since the cleaner has been allowed to sit, the bowl will be easier to clean and it should only take you a couple of minutes. Wipe down the top of the tank and outside of the toilet, before starting on the bowl.


  • The floor.

The final step is the floor, and it just needs to be swept and mopped. In some cases the bathroom might be small enough that a simple sponge and bucket of soapy water will be enough to get the floor sparkling clean.



Pool maintenance – a few things you should know

Keeping a pool clean doesn’t have to be tedious work. Regular maintenance however, ensures pristine pool health. These are some things I make it a point to do between periodic heavy-duty cleanings.


I skim once a day, vacuum and scrub every few days.


ob6One of the easiest and quickest ways to keep the the water clean is by manual skimming every few days. I had noticed before that when floating debris is allowed to get to the bottom of the pool, it becomes harder to remove. A hand or leaf skimmer is a net with a long handle that I have used since then to remove bugs, leaves and other unwanted floating objects on the water. It helps me use less chlorine for disinfection while also increasing the circulation system’s efficiency. I remember to do once-a-week cleaning out of the strainer baskets to help with circulation and to reduce the amount of chlorine I have to put in. for convenience, I have also invested in a quality robot pool vacuum cleaner for cleaning the pool’s bottom.

Aside from skimming, I also need to scrub the sides of the pool to keep algae growth in check. I do this once every two weeks, targeting the algae growths as I see them to ensure that the pool walls are clean and fresh. For stubborn growths,I have tried a simple tip I saw online: I fill an old sock with chlorine and let it sit on top of the growth spot for a few hours prior to intense scrubbing.


I really give the pool filter some attention


ob7No matter what kind of pool filter you have, whether, sand, cartridge or diatomaceous earth, this component will require periodic cleaning. Each filter type comes with its own maintenance procedures. Cleaning too often is not good advice as it can actually prevent effective filtration. Somehow, the dirt can help trap other particles or debris from the water if the filter has a mild amount of dirt. That being said, letting the pool filter get too dirty is not a good idea either. I always know the filter needs cleaning when the pressure gauge and flow meter demonstrate increased flow, or when the difference reaches 10 to 15 pounds psi. Every month, I remember to clean out the filtration system’s pipes, which I do simply by backwashing. I avoid switching the filter on and off. Instead, I just set the filter on a timer to run for at least 6 hours each day.


I also give chemical levels significant monitoring


Improperly balanced water not only appears murky but can also irritate the eyes and skin and can make any pool a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. This is why I perform water testing weekly. I focus on testing six chemical levels: free chlorine; Total alkalinity (60 to 120 levels); acidity/alkalinity or pH level (ideally between 7.5 and 7.8); cyanuric acid (normal is between 30 and 50); calcium hardness (go for 220 to 350, and lower for vinyl-sided pools). I have purchased a testing kit for this purpose from our neighborhood pool supplies seller.

How to take care of your pool

Keeping the water in our pool sparkling clean entails following a specific set of procedures. Although careful pool maintenance is one of the most hated house chores I know, it’s a necessity if I want myself and the rest of my family to be able to jump into the pool without fear that any one of us could get rashes and skin diseases as well as all sorts of germs in the process.


We invested in a pool cover and pool skimmer


A pool cover is always the best place to start. With our pool cover, we can shield the pool from flying and falling objects and the elements especially when we don’t intend to use the pool for some time. A pool cover also helps prevent our pets or our small kids from falling into the water. It is a necessity during the winter season and when we are going to be out of the house for a significant amount of time. Although setting a pool cover up can be tedious, it’s still an effective first-level way of pool maintenance.


A skimmer is a rake used for fishing out objects from the water. Leaves, dead insects and other floating debris should be skimmed out from the water, a process that really doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to do. We dispose of the collected debris away from the pool to prevent it from getting blown back into the water. We also trim or cut trees and brushes that shed leaves into the water.


Proper care of the circulation pump and filtration system


The pump is the core of the pool’s circulation system. It removes dust, debris and dirt by sending the water it moves from the pool through the filter before the water is sent back to the pool.

It moves water from the pool and sends it through the filter for removal of any dust, dirt and debris prior to sending it back to the pool. During the design phase of the circulation system of our pool, we considered the size of our pool, our planned typical swimmer load, the size of the pump and piping size in determining the length of time the pump should run. To make sure we weren’t taking any chances, we even consulted a pool professional on this matter. To stay on the safe side however, running the pump for every 10 degrees of temperature is a usual thing I do. The pool water won’t get properly circulated or filtered if the pump isn’t running. Most pool issues arise when the pump isn’t run or the water doesn’t circulate.

The pool’s filtration system eliminates any undissolved debris and dirt in the water. In the filtering of the pool water, the lint and hair basket and the skimmer basket in the pump all contribute. The filter itself serves as the principal component. A sand or DE filter fails to reach its full cleaning potential if it’s backwashed too often, and this will also basically be wastage of water. Generally, filters need backwashing when a rise in the pressure gauge goes to 8 to 10 psi more than the normal level. Consumers like me can go to a pool professional who can provide useful information on this.


We also invested in a pool vacuum cleaner and ensure maintenance of the pH balance of the water.


ob4Some dirt and sediments can make their way to the floor of our swimming pool and I’ve decided to deal with this using premium pool vacuum cleaner. I always finish off by brushing away algae growth on the pool sides. I also do pool testing twice or thrice a week in the summer season, once a week in the winter. I make sure both sanitizer and pH levels are maintained to ensure our swimming comfort.

Some things you don’t know about Dolphin robot cleaners

For this particular reason, an efficient pool cleaner is vital and there are numerous models out there that come in distinct shapes, sizes as well as colors. If you’re searching for a pool cleaner that gives exceptional company, efficiency, durability, and affordability, look no further than our pool store where you’ll find a wide variety of pool cleaners of all types and will certainly get the one which you need at the price you’d love. This category symbolizes the great majority of automatic pool cleaners sold and used in the States. You actually do not need to fret about the upkeep of your own cleaners is normally true for ether cleaners.

Maytronics introduces new models each year so that it’s important that you’re educated in what features you would like so the ideal one may be purchased. There are really no bags to utilize, and also the crawler sends debris straight from the machine to your own filter. The Dolphin pool cleaner doesn’t utilize drive belts, which is good because parts are impossible to discover online. 1 DC motor is devoted to driving the jet pump along with the second to supplying propulsion.

If you prefer to have a clean pool at home, you have to be prepared to take good care of it. You must take a variety of factors into consideration like availability of space, budget, time convenience and select the perfect option from a broad selection of swimming pools accessible in the market. 1 thing is certain if you’re planning on having a pool installed at your residence or place of business which is that you will also be needing a number of accessories to really go with this. They’re considered smart” cleaners, as they am able to concentrate on tile lines or even study the shape of your own pool.

Dolphin pool cleaners clean promptly and thoroughly so they could run less. They’re not the best choice in case you have a lot of trees, or in the event your pool receives a significant quantity of debris within it. After the water within the pool isn’t exchanged it makes the pool dirty too. And so, if you would like to be certain that you can form a good and respectable pool in your backyard, it is advisable to work with reputable pool contractors.

Visit our own pool store to get the suitable pool cleaner to fit your pool type along with your budget. Now there is the supplies like cleaner to allow you to clean your swimming pool easily, swimming time is quality time. In case that you reside in a warm location, the very best option is really to form a swimming pool. But deciding the sort of pool to really go for can be a bit tricky as there are many options to select from. Simply speaking, you can merely turn your unit loose in your pool then you’re free to do your organization.

Sometimes, to reach the required pressure, an extra pool pump is required. Moreover, it does not need to be on the pool system. You ought to rate the needs of your own pool and pick a cleaner that fits best. The great thing about this cleaner is it is very simple to assemble. The internal filter has a fast release making it quite simple to maintain. To stop scale, make sure that your water is balanced properly as it can bring about staining.